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Experiences gained experience. The real protection, real-maintenance approach is a summary of the commitment to our experience Mineaderm dural know behind.

We live geography, multi-culture for thousands of years, and epic narratives laced with traces of thousands moved to the present day full of mysterious beauty secrets. We do not offer you the secrets. Time, develop an irresistible and develop alternative solutions to minimize the effects of wear and tear.

Mineaderm ourselves, which we are developing and growing day by day in order to guide attention.

National and International Partnerships developed with a solution, experts in the field of cosmetic and medical industry leading companies each with their own clinics
in Mineaderm technologies brought together for you.

All your confidence and motivate colleagues and objectives.

Mineaderm, in accordance with relevant legislation and the necessary certifications sample clinical identity, the cosmetic industry cosmetic laboratories ACS earned valuable products are produced in different qualities.

We are proud to be in the closest points. Mineaderm values ​​will keep the suggestions and contributions.

Satisfaction, will be an invaluable takings.

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